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Fine Art Prints

Who said only professional photographers can make Fine Art Prints? We are here to help you create amazing high to museum quality Fine Art Prints to showcase your work. These prints will last a life time. You can also showcase your photos in exhibitions, plus sell your prints with confidence if required.


Our Fine Art Print Options


Photo Fine Prints - High Quality Fine Art Prints

  • 100% Acid-Free, so you do not need to worry about the paper turning yellow or yellow spots appearing on your print.
  • Top quality German manufactured 100% alpha-cellulose (wood pulp based) paper with the best coatings. Paper weights are 200 gsm and up. This will give your prints good durability for handling and frame mounting.
  • Our Photo Fine Prints have a life-span of 40+ years.

Three types of beautiful finishes to choose from:

Photo Fine Glossy

This is a glossy paper that gives vibrant colours and fine details. The finish is similar to traditional glossy photo prints.

Photo Fine Luster

This is a semi-glossy finish. It has the same vibrant colours and fine details as the Glossy above, but with less surface gloss. It offers the perfect balance between high gloss and full matte. Great for both colour and monochrome prints. The Photo Fine Luster is one of our most popular options because it works for many different types of photos, from people, to landscape, to wildlife, and to architecture.

Photo Fine Matte

This is a beautiful full matte paper with a velvet-like matte surface. Images come out with a rich silky, velvety feel. Great for images that you want to have mood, emotion or atmosphere.


Museum Quality Fine Art Prints - Highest Quality Fine Art Prints

  • 100% Acid-Free, so you do not need to worry about the paper turning yellow or yellow spots appearing on your print.
  • Top quality German manufactured 100% rag (cotton fibre based) paper with the best coatings. Paper weights are 285 gsm up. This will give your prints extremely good durability for handling and frame mounting.
  • Our Museum Quality Fine Art Prints have a life-span of 100+ years.

Three types of beautiful finishes to choose from:

Photo Rag

This is a matte paper with a textured almost cloth like finish. It can produce vivid prints with subtle to intense colours, and is great for monochrome photos with deep rich black and a wide gamut of grayscale values.

Photo Rag Baryta

Beautiful "barium sulphate" coating with a semi-gloss slightly textured finish. This paper produces a very pleasing look and feel with rich tonal depth and hues.

Photo Rag Pearl

This is a smoother semi-glossy paper. Images have the look and sharpness of traditional glossy paper but without the distracting sheen of a hard surface gloss. Creates stunning images with great colour and tonal reproduction.

All of our Fine Art Prints are printed using archival pigment inks (vs. dye inks) with fine art digital inkjet printers. So your photos will be reproduced with exceptional quality, and both the paper and ink will easily last 40 plus years.

If you have any questions regarding our Fine Art Prints, or would like to discuss with us what you would like to do, simply Contact Us and our experienced team members can help you work out the best paper and print sizes suited for you.


We can also help you frame your beautiful prints. Click here to view our framing options and services.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our archival museum quality Fine Art Prints:

Q: What is the difference between a 100% rag (cotton fibre based paper) VS normal paper?

A: Our Museum Quality Fine Art Prints use cotton fibre based paper (commonly known as "rags") which is the most expensive highest grade fine art papers. Unlike normal paper which is made from wood pulp from trees, cotton paper does not contain the natural acids and lignins in wood pulp that may turn the paper yellow and affect the paper's quality over time. Cotton fibre based paper also feels sturdier than normal wood pulp based paper.

(Our Photo Fine Prints is one of the highest grade "Alpha-Cellulose" wood pulp based paper on the market. It has the acids and lignins removed, so it will not turn yellow over time, but it is not as long lasting as the “Rag” paper.)

Q: What is the different between pigment ink and standard dye inks?

A: Dye based inks are the standard low cost inks most people purchase for their inkjet printers. Dye inks are dissolved in a liquid. When sprayed on to paper, it usually takes more time to dry and the resulting printing is highly susceptible to water damage. A drop of water on the print will make it smear. Dye ink is also spread only very thinly on the paper surface and is more susceptible to UV rays, so they tend to fade overtime.

Pigmented ink usually consists of a very fine powder of solid colorant particles suspended in a liquid carrier. Pigment particles tend to bond strongly to paper, and is not susceptible to water after it dries. It also forms a thicker layer on paper, and is less susceptible to UV rays, all of which make it much less susceptible to fading. Pigment ink is definitely the better medium if you want prints that are durable and ultra long lasting.

Q: I've heard the word "Giclee" printing? Are URPhoto's Fine Art Prints Giclee or not?

A: In the printing world, there is no official standard that defines "Giclee". It is simply a French word that means "Splash", which some people (probably French) started to use to define inkjet printing, because inkjet is like "splashing" ink on to paper. As time went on, Giclee became more and more synonymous with high quality inkjet printing, but again there is no standard, so anyone can call their prints Giclee. Nowadays when a printer uses the word Giclee, they simply want to tell you that they offer high quality inkjet printing. We know all French words sound sexy and great, but since most people get confused by this word, we simply tell people that we make amazing high quality Fine Art Prints .

Come see our Fine Art Prints before you buy!

Call us (Tel: 9502 1744) to arrange a viewing at our Sheung Wan Showroom (5 min walk from MTR Station).

We are certain you will be impressed with its superb print quality and finish!



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